From a car window along I-5. My daughter took the photos.

Church Mountain, Washington

Played 209 times

John 1 1:17, chanted by the priest at our old parish. My favorite three minutes of the liturgical year.

Happy New Year.


Yu Chengyou, “Night in a Small Village,” multi-block woodcut, printed with oil-based ink, 1984. From The Revolving Moon: 25 Prints from China, via: 50 Watts, and with thanks to Wood s Lot.

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Marine Atlas from sometime between the late 1820s & late 1840s by Mori Jiang Yuan Shou (I *think* it was a 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Chinese teaching manual). The 82 page book features a large number of hand-painted watercolour sketches of marine animals and plants.

It is hosted by the Rare Books Database at the National Diet Library in Japan.

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An Alphabet of Books

A drawing I have in this show.

Also, I have a new print for sale.

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Wife and a daughter doing the Grand Canyon thing a few years ago.

When my father entered his plebe year at the Naval Academy, my grandfather, then in command of a cruiser, wrote this smartass order allowing my father to drink coffee.


Take my bait, O king of fishes!

Maria Louise Kirk, from The story of Hiawatha, adapted from H. W. Longfellow by Winston Stokes, New York, 1910.


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The gatefold art for the (New Okkervil River album)[] is a stylized map of songwriter Will Sheff’s remembered hometown. Note the seasonal bands.

new high



ex Los Angeles Street and Business Directory. N. A. Wolcott & Co., Publishers, 1893
note the (insular) cartographic detailing.

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Hiroshi Yoshida - El Capitan

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